Break In Information

Every new scooter or motorcycle requires a minimum break-in period. The first five hundred miles of an engine's life is the most important, and how you take care of that motor will determine how long it will last for you. If you keep to proper break-in procedures, you will keep your engine singing along for thousands of miles.

The purpose of breaking a motor in is to ensure that the compression rings of the cylinder seats properly against the cylinder walls. Because each cylinder and cylinder wall has its own anomalies, the break-in period allows the piston rings to "seat" against the cylinder wall and seal the two despite the anomalies. Seating the piston rings helps the engine by ensuring the most amount of power with the least oil consumption.

During the first five hundered miles (500 mi) do not exceed 3/4 of your full throttle. That means if you have a 49cc scooter, don't go over 30-35 MPH. If you have a 150 cc scooter, don't go over 45 MPH.