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John M.
Thank you and your service staff for the excellent repair work you did on my scooter. I find your service rates are very reasonable and the quality of work is second to none. You will have all my future service if needed on my scooter and if I purchase another scooter, it will be only from you.
Mark H.

After doing my homework, I decided to purchase a scooter from a dealer who can sevice what they sell. I really think that's important. My scooter purchase was a GMW BlackJack 2. After proper break-in and service, I am very pleased. Thanks to Robert and all his staff.

Joan Bartalis-Bonnain
You guys are awesome! I just picked up my scooter after having some work done, and it has NEVER run as well as it is now. I am assuming that whoever threw it together at ******** prior to selling it to me, new, had no idea what they were doing. My gas gauge has never worked, it ran loud and rough and I have never been able to get above 35mph. After picking it up from your repair shop, it is like a whole different scooter. Fast, peppy, quiet, reliable and a joy to ride. It is small businesses like yours that make our country great, and I would like to commend you! It was so refreshing to not have yet another mechanic throw their hands up in the air, guessing what might be wrong and charging me to repair things that aren't broken in the first place and don't improve the performance after I fork over my hard earned money. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is buying a new scooter or trying to breathe fresh life into their old one. You guys are truly a blessing.
David D.
I have purchased three cycles from Seminole Scooters and I could not be happier with my decision. Between the deals that I got, the 2 year warranties that came with each vehicle, and the excellent service that I get from Robert, I would not go anywhere else.
 Scott Courtright
My name is Scott Courtright and I have purchased five different scooters from Seminole Scooters. I started out on a 50cc and each got bigger. I would never take my bike, regardless of make, anywhere else.
Roger Withers
I bought a QLINK Commuter 250 last January 31st. In nine months, I had 12,000 miles of trouble-free fun. I would recommend the QLINK 250 or CFMOTO Fashion EF 250 to anyone wh o wants to do any highway riding. Also, I would not let anyone work on my bike except Robert at Seminole Scooters. I have had excellent service from Robert and his crew. It is the only shop I will trust.