There are a lot of risks out there for potential scooter buyers.

Before you buy your first or next scooter or motorcycle, give some thoughts to these ideas!

Are all $999.00 scooters the same? NO! There are CHEAP scooters and there are inexpensive scooters. For example, Seminole Scooters, Inc. sells Wolf Brand scooters starting at $999.00. They are quality bikes and we have Wolf Brand customers who have over 25,000 miles on their scooters. Those $699.00 scooter companies cannot say that.
Does the "dealer" have a real store and does the dealer also sell used cars, bicycles, cell phones, and other non scooter-related products? You would not buy a pair of shoes from a cell phone store, so why would you think about buying a scooter from a store that sells cell phones or used cars? Buy from a reputable dealer who is franchised by the manufacturer to sell and service your bike. If you don't, it will cost you much more in the long run in repair costs and maintenance.
Does the dealer sell ONLY 49/50 cc scooters? If so, that means that they do not have a franchise and are not allowed to sell bigger brand name scooters. It also means they do not have a motor vehicle sales license, so they probably cannot register your bike. Additionally, ANYONE can buy and sell scooters under 50cc, even from their house - would you trust the quality of that service?
Why are the prices for the scooters not on the website? Because the dealer does not want to SCARE YOU or have you look eslewhere to compare prices.
Is a 2 Year Warranty a great deal? What most manufacturers and dealers won't tell you is that a warranty is really an insurance policy that the manufacturer buys on each unit and they pass the cost on to you. A comprehensive warranty will add between $150-$175 each year of the warranty to your purchase price. Therefore, a scooter with a 2 year warranty can cost you as much as $300-350 more. So, do you think it is still a great deal? If the scooter is made well in the first place, why would you need a 2 year warranty?

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